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  • what is squalene?

  • Squalene is natural oil found in plants, animals, and yes, even humans, classified under a group of fat-soluble antioxidants called isoprenoids. It aids in cell generation, helps deliver oxygen throughout the body, boosts the immune system, and is known to have anti-cancer properties.

  • how does it help our health?

  • There is significantly higher pressure and lower sunlight and oxygen supply in the deep sea, yet certain shark species can survive these extremely harsh conditions. According to studies squalene can carry oxygen throughout the body, as well as produce oxygen by combining itself with water, keeping the shark healthy and alive despite its hostile environment.

  • what else can it do?

  • Squalene on our skin acts as a protective and lubricating barrier by preventing and repairing cell damage caused by UV radiation. Because of this squalene can often be found in cosmetic products, most commonly moisturizers and sunscreens, because they're easily absorbed by the skin. Their cell regenerating properties promote tissue repair and healing of wounds and infections. Additionally, squalene is good cholesterol; it does not freeze, therefore preventing the hardening of blood vessel.

  • where did it originate?

  • Minute amounts of squalene are known to be found in nature, but it was a Japanese marine oil chemist by the name of Dr. Tsujimoto who proved in 1906 that the livers of deep-sea sharks have oil that contain larger amounts of squalene. However histories of multiple countries including Japan, Norway, Spain, China, and Sweden cite cases where oil from sharks were considered as a miracle healer during the ancient times.

  • what does "issho genki" mean?

  • Issho genki, or "一生元気" means "Healthy Life" in Japanese. Simply put, it is an invite to join us in our journey to having a healthier lifestyle.

  • what are the side effects of squalene?

  • To date, there have been no side effects reported after taking squalene. However, those who are allergic to fish or seafood are not advised to consume squalene collected from sharks.

  • why get it from sharks?

  • Although a rich amount of squalene can also be found in olive oil, it has been found that shark livers are a more abundant source. Up to 80% of shark liver oil is made up of squalene. We humans also produce our own supply of it, but this rapidly decreases over time due to aging, poor lifestyle choices, and pollution.

    "Squalene is a powerful antioxidant, as it contains 6 isoprene units. One or two isoprene units are also found in other antioxidants such as vitamin A and Coenzyme Q10. But Squalene is considered by many to be the most powerful and stable of the isoprenoids."

    - Robyn Carrington

    "The premiere benefit of Squalene is its ability to provide oxygen to the cells. It is when the cells receive the necessary supply of oxygen that ultimate benefits of Squalene are received."

    - Dr. Takashi Yokota

    "We maintain taking squalene daily for more than 10 years. I am a type II diabetic for 18 years now with very high sugar levels. But thank God for so far there are no significant signs of major organ problems. It is only squalene that i take daily (4 caps) together with my meds, so i could only credit my well being to it."

    - Annabel Ramos